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hi everyone, I am Winter who is a freight forwarder in china.if you have any cargo need export pls contants with me !

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Hi Winter, nice to meet you,

I am Alex.

Can you advise, do you have interest of empty containers in China with drop off in Russia? If you do, feel free to contact me.

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Hi everyone. I'm looking for

Hi everyone. I'm looking for 40HC units for one-way ex Moscow to China.

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Jebel Ali to Sokhna 20 and 40 rates

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Hi, John, here is the guide how to post request on maxmodal 

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USA ,Canada good freight rates

Shanghai-Savannah 40HQ SI6.11 10300 CMA

Shanghai-Charleston 40HQ SI 6.11 10300 CMA

Shanghai-Los Angeles 40HQ SI 6.16 7800 CUL

Ningbo-Oakland 40HQ SI6.14 8100 WHL

Ningbo-Seattle 40HQ SI6.14 8100 WHL

Ningbo-Vancouver 40HQ SI6.12 8400 WHL

whatsapp/wechat:+86 13750227265

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Hi, Doris, we are tired to scroll media and sort tons of post. could please publish your rates on maxmodal, so that we will be able to book them here. ;-))

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Pakistan rates, ex Vietnam... if

Pakistan rates, ex Vietnam... if need anything else. Pls advise... We do everything. And focus all over the world... Mail : <>; tel : +84 563 503205

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 Pakistan rates, ex Vietnam... if
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Hi, Louis Romario, we can upload and promote your freight rates. It is free. Other companies have already done this and enjoy more sales  

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<br>WHLYT-NY 6.16/6.20SI 10200USDYT-OAK 6.13S...


YT-NY 6.16/6.20SI 10200USD

YT-OAK 6.13SI 7500USD


YT-LA 6.12/6.17/6.19SI 7800USD

YT-LB 6.12/6.23SI 7800USD

YT-NY 6.16SI 10400USD

YT-SAV 6.9SI 10400USD


YT-LA/OAK 6.10/6.14SI 7400USD

YT-NY 6.10/6.11/6.17/6.19/6.20/6.24 10400USD


YT-HOU 6.16SI 11800USD BCO 

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